Who we are

Our clients, partners and investors can choose to leverage our strengths expertise at any stage of the Real State value chain – from development, project management & construction, and asset & property management – or partner with us right through the complete journey.

Using a truly collaborative approach, we guide clients and investors beyond just maximizing value to innovative, sustainable outcomes.

We are committed to operating sustainably wherever we have a presence. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as more than a consultancy business. We’re in the business of creating positive outcomes through the solutions we provide.

Only through sustainable practices can we create lasting relationships.


General Manager

Alberto de Frutos Alberto studied Architecture at the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid, where he graduated with honours in 1987. Since then he has developed extensive experience, from their varied perspectives: project implementation, construction management, design coordination, project management and construction, etc. In 1987 he joined the Architecture Studio Tersse & Colmenares, where he participated as associate architect on numerous projects.

Alberto joined at Bovis Lend Lease in 1998 as Senior Project Director and was appointed Managing Director for Spain and Portugal in 2000. He has been a member of the Bovis Lend Lease Continental Europe Middle East and Africa Management Team. In addition, from 2008 to 2010, he combined his responsibility as Country Manager in Spain, with the role of Regional Director for Southern Europe.

He has participated in several courses and professional seminars highlighting especially his diploma during COAM Foundation “The Museum as an Institution: Architecture and Museum” dedicated to specializing in the design and construction of these buildings.

Alberto is, since 1999, professor at the Project Management Master at the Centro Superior de Arquitectura CSA Fundación Antonio Camuñas, and member of the Advisory Board for the Real Estate Master at the Madrid European University CESS. He has also spoken at various courses and seminars in Project Management, such as those organized by the Grupo Recoletos and IIR (Institute for International Research).


Head of Operations

Ignacio Cobos Since he joined Bovis Lend Lease in 2000, Ignacio, architect, has collaborated in several projects in the company, developing the coordination and management in the Operation Department.
Nowadays, Ignacio is Operations Director.

He began his professional stage in 1992 collaborating with different architecture offices and afterwards he has been working for different property developers, construction insurance companies and private engineers developing among others, management project tasks.

Since his incorporation in Bovis Lend Lease, additionally, Ignacio has imparted course trainings and presentations about Project & Construction Management, Design Management and Application of sustainable developing criteria to private property promoters.


Corporate Director.

Juan Carlos Hernández Juan Carlos joined Bovis Lend Lease in 1991.

He studied a Degree in Spanish Law in the Madrid University and attended several courses in the areas of economic analysis, cost control, financial accounting and macroeceonomics in the same Universtiy.

Between 2008 and 2010 he served as Chief of Shared Services in Southern Europe and since 2010, is the Director of Shared Services in Spain, responsible for the Contracts area, coordinating the central office departments in Madrid.