375 Housing Units in Pau Las Tablas

Bovis Lend Lease is the Project Manager for the construction of 375 new housing units in the PAU de “Las Tablas” in the road to Burgos, Madrid. This promotion is part of an important investment that the Company Inmobiliaria Colonial is carrying out in Madrid.
As it can be seen in the picture, the building adjusts to the limits of a block of circular area. From its external aspect it stands out the use of big prefabricate panels of reinforced concrete and the elimination of the habitual dimensions used in the holes of façade, by substituting the windows by holes that include sliding lattices of wooden sheets. The interior yard includes green areas and a swimming pool of 385 m2.
The buildings have 2 basements and 6 floors with an attic. There are more than 30 different types of housing units and a very wide variety of flats of 1 to 5 rooms. There are also duplex in the sixth floor and the attic. The floors are made of wooden floating sheets of oak and marble in the main toilette and the partitions are made of plaster. The 407 parking units distributed into the two basements and the housing units occupy a total built surface of 38.500 m2.