A400M Aircraft assembly plant


EADS CASA Military Transport Divison, is planning to build a new factory in “ Parcela de Maestranza Aérea”, this site belongs to MINISDEF and it is very close to San Pablo airport in Seville. The main function of this factory will be the manufacture of aeronautical structures for the A400M actual programme.
The A400M Programme consists in the signature of the contract called “Contrato de las Naciones” (Nations contract) for the production and adquisiton of the Plane A400M, these nations are: Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Belgium and Portugal.
The different components of the plane will be manufactured in some of the countries mentioned before, for instance the wings of the plane will be manufactured in United Kingdom and Germany will manufacture the central fuselage. EADS CASA participates as well in the manufacture of some parts of the plane and has been chosen as the headquarter of the project, there will be built the A400M Final Assembly Plant, this is the purpose of this project.
The Industrial Facility where will be developed the final assembly of the planes is called FAL (Final Assembly Line). FAL will be built in a four phases based process, this process is planned to be finished in 2007.
Main information of the project:
· Necessary surface of the site:
aprox 450.000 m2
· Actual San Pablo Factory:
166.000 m2
· Built surface: aprox 150.000 m2
· Buildings number: 5 buildings will be built, although the design is pending to be determined.
· Value of the project:
aprox. 250 Millions of Euros
Milestones of the project:
· First flight of the first plane will take place sept 2007
· FAL Start: nov 2006
The goal of EADS CASA is achieving a singular and representative image through this industrial plant highly advanced.