Airbus A-350

Airbus, in the field of industrial activities is building a new Factory in land near its existing complex in Illescas, Toledo.
The main function of that Factory is manufacturing various components that fall within the production program model A-350 aircraft.
At the beginning of next year 2011, completed construction, equipment, machinery and industrial facilities for entry into service according to the extent provided in the program.
The industrial complex where he will be making various components of the new aircraft A-350, is being built through a structured process of two phases, the first to be completed during 2011 and will achieve a level of total production and second phase expansion without scheduled today.
Main data of the project:
· Plot area:
118,000 m2
Phase · Constructed area: approx 57,000 m2
· Industrial Building, Cleanroom composed with strict control of temperature, humidity and dust from industrial area 23,000 m2 and 28,000 m2.
· Annex buildings 6,000 m2 production facilities aimed at cooling / heating, vacuum, compressed air, pumping, processing centers and laboratories, offices and locker rooms.
The aim of AIRBUS has been provided with an industrial plant at the highest technical level and also a representative and emblematic image.