Banco Popular New Headquarters. Luca de Tena Building

Bovis Lend Lease was assigned the Management Contracting services for the construction of its new corporate headquarters at Calle Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, district of San Blas, Madrid.
The New Corporate headquarters consist of two independent buildings separated by hardly 1 km on both sides of the N-II, the first on at C/ Abelias nº 1 is already completed, the second one, Luca de Tena, includes a complex located in the plot located at the numbers 5 to 13 at C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena. The plot including the numbers 11 and currently houses two Bank assets that will have to be demolished.
Los servicios contratados a Bovis Lend Lease abarcan la Gerencia de Proyecto en la modalidad de Management Contracting, la Dirección de Ejecución de obra, la Coordinación de Seguridad y Salud y la Consultoría LEED.
The Design Team is composed by Ayala Architects and Aguilera Engineering.
The designed building occupies a built surface area of approximately 100.000m2 for office use and 20.000m2 for services use and approximately 1600 parking lots distributed along basements.
El edificio se sitúa de forma aislada dentro de la manzana, retranqueándose en todos sus lados. It consists of 4 large office blocks and the complex is unified by the over and under grade floors. Nacimiento y remate sirven como nexo, como elemento que dibuja la unidad permitiendo la lectura del conjunto como único.
Dos de los bloques se “desplazan” sobre la trama, permitiendo la singularización de cada uno de ellos. The displacement of the block located at the west end of the building, creates a large space as an atrium where workers and visitors will be welcome and will work as a social and meeting point. This large atrium is annexed to the Auditorium, the focus of the public activity in the building. On the other side, the displacement of other of the modules in the vertical axis allows the appearance of projecting parts in the upper floor. The four office modules, are connected between them, by means of stairs and aerial gateways that colonize and articulate the set.
The natural light of the whole office surface is secured by means of yards on which the blocks orbit. These big office lights, secure a big space versatility, allowing several implantation options.
The skin that wraps the volumes captures the light and reflects it with attenuated glitters by a set of solar reflectors with ceramic cylinders, designed for a controlled sunlight that, in turn, provide a set of colours of velvety aspect.
The Service Building is placed between the main building and the annexe plot (c/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena 3, serving as plot regularizing and as “separating” element to ensure the necessary privacy of the office buildings.
Banco Popular also establishes three parameters as the basis of design: Optimization of area and volumes, flexibility and placement of double skin façade These parameters are some of the design requirements that the Design Team aims to meet in the project.