Barcelona Glories


This project represents one of the major conversions in the construction sector in post-Olympic Barcelona.
The commercial area is developed over four areas connected by pedestrian lanes and air-conditioned boulevards which provide specific and complementary offers:
· A large hypermarket, the Continente, comprising 10,000 m2 over two levels.
· A youth fashion centre, cinemas and restaurants.
· Family fashion and accessories facilities.
· Home, Do-it-Yourself area and catering for the commercial community, including services and restaurants.
Bovis Lend Lease collaborated with three different clients and their respective architects – respecting their individual interests and thus ensuring the rapid progress of the project. Bovis Lend Lease built a four floors basement three of which were below sea-level.
Security on site was essential due to the proximity of other premises and public in general.
Barcelona Glòries is located in downtown Barcelona, junction of main roads: Diagonal, Gran Vía and Meridiana Avenues.
It represented the starter motor for the area redesigning, the “Plaza de Les Glòries” urban development rationalization, and for the see opening of the first 600 meters of the Diagonal Avenue.
Barcelona Glóries has commercialized 99% of the area. More than 18.000 million people have visited it being the most popular in Barcelona. All the above means a 35% rise on the shopping volume compared to the anterior year.
It had an inversion of 40.000 millions pesetas and 6.000 people work on this complex daily.