Barclays Office and Data Centre


Barclays awarded Bovis Lend Lease the Construction Management Services for its new build Office and Data Centre, located at the biggest Logistic platform in Europe, Pla-Za in Zaragoza.
Services scope included the Project as a whole, starting from the Requirements plan, followed by the Concept Design Contest to assign a Design Team to the project, to the final handover and commissioning.
The project includes two stand-alone three-storey buildings connected by an underground car park. In these buildings Barclays located a new Call Centre, several administration departments and a new state-of-the-art Data Centre, providing the institution with the highest technology on this field.
The buildings have a total area of 18.000m². Its design has been created to allow the buildings to be expanded as the client’s needs grow, including important environmental measures; the construction is highly functional and versatile.
Important principals on sustainability and materials have been followed during the construction works, as well as waste treatment. Likewise, the lack of incidents on Health and Safety matter has been remarkable.
One of the most outstanding aspects of the building is its high adaptability for handicapped use that Barclays have aimed to achieve from the beginning.
Buildings have been designed by the prestigious Architects studio Cano Lasso. Likewise, installations matters have counted with “Aguilera Ingenieros” and on the “Dirección Facultativa” they have collaborated with 3G Office.
Construction works started in July 2006, while the occupation started in April 2008. Nowadays 650 people are already working; even those it is expected to reach 800 employees along 2008.