BBVA Alcala 16


Bovis Lend Lease was appointed as Construction Manager for the complete refurbishment and restoration of the BBVA Bank headquarters at C/ Alcalá, 16, in downtown Madrid. The project included the adjoining building at C/ Sevilla, 8 which also needed some minor refurbishments.
This emblematic building at Alcalá, 16, has 8,300 m2 and is protected by the National Patrimony. It was designed by the Spanish architect Ricardo de Bastida and built in 1923, to house the original HQ of the bank. During the course of the 1900’s, the building has undergone many changes and improvements.
Half of the building (the part that is facing C/ Arlabán St) remained in full operation and open to the public during the works. This required constant revision of the strategic logistics and health and safety issues.
Phase I involved important structural reforms. Nearly the entire interior of the building was demolished, leaving the facade intact. The remaining concrete shell was also restored.
The new structure needed concrete reinforcements and had to be adapted to the geometry and existing concrete structural frame. This involved numerous corrections and recalculations due to the fact that there was no existing technical information on the building.
The scope of the works included all the masonry (lift shafts, installation ducts and bathrooms), plasterwork, false ceilings, false floors, electrical & mechanical installations, security and access control, painting and carpeting.
The project also included all cabling for voice / data and communications rooms. Bovis Lend Lease worked closely with the corresponding representatives of the BBVA Bank at all times.
Due to the different conditions between the two buildings (Alcalá, 16 and c/ Sevilla, 8), all the works were planned separately, except the voice / data cabling and carpets, which were laid at the same time.
The facade and other important elements such as columns, quadrigas, railings, friezes, metal grates and figurines were completely restored.

The glass dome above the main hall and Imperial and Bidagor staircases (historic elements) were also completely restored. Bovis Lend Lease worked closely with the Artistic Patrimony Dept of the Bank during these delicate works.
The new design created of an open void above the glass dome, which allows natural light to enter into all floors and provides a view of the street.
This void is enclosed with a glass curtain wall with apiary stone, which also protects the glass dome.
In order to avoid potential damage to the frescos by Arteta and other important elements in the main hall, concrete and metallic box girders to distribute the stress throughout the void structure.
All construction works were carried out with the offices in full operation, our objective being to cause a minimum impact on daily activities at the bank.