BMW Madrid


Bovis Lend Lease was assigned the responsibility of the Construction Management of an outstanding building in the northern area of Madrid, with 8.492 m2 aprox of exhibition area, garages and other necessary services and 10.500 m2 of underground parking.
BLL had previously carried out the consulting works for the organization of the Architecture contest. The Design was eventually assigned to Rafael de la Hoz Architects.
This project recovers the dynamism existing in the concept of the automobile, and it is in itself a flow of floors organized by means of ramps.
The scope of services is based on one hand on the Design Management during the development of the Basic and Execution Projects with the aim of guaranteeing the target budget of BMW.
The Execution Project is developed in Fast Track in order to let the advanced start of works. The second BLL’s important assignment is the bid of the construction packages and the construction management keeping the guarantees of Cost, Time and Quality within the framework of the contract.
The initial date from the General Schedule has been brought forward 1,25 months and the cost of the contracted package has been reduced 20% thanks to the change of construction typologies in the value engineering.
The project constitutes a challenge at a budgetary level as the Cost Plan approved is very tight and is 1 million € below the valuation presented initially by BLL.