BNP Paribas

After the recent merger between the Banque Nationale de Paris and Paribas to BNP Paribas, it became a priority to relocate their staff together. Therefore their building in the central area of Madrid is to be refurbished.
About 600 employees are working in the 7 office floors of the building, occupying a total of 11.000 m2. It was designed by a famous local Architect, Lamela, but after 30 years of use a complete renovation has become unavoidable.
The refurbishment consists of the demolition of all interior partitions and finishes, the replacement of the out-of-date technical installations, and the realisation of the new interior finishes according to the highest quality office standards. The substitution of the façade has been studied but not yet decided.
The designated Architect is Rafael de La- Hoz, a well-known architect with years of experience in projects similar to this one.
During the carrying out of the works, the full operativity of the building has to be maintained, in order to allow the BNP Paribas staff to carry out their daily work ionsome floors, while in others the refurbishment is taking place.
The sequence for refurbishing the floors is organised according to the various BNP Paribas departmental needs. Therefore 2 or 3 floors are evacuated, relocating the staff in the other floors or even in 2 other BNP Paribas buildings in Madrid. As there are three buildings with two different IT systems (former BNP and Paribas) involved, the logistic works for the transfering the staff is essential.
After 20 months of works, the building was completely refurbished, with an updated image and a modern functionality.
Bovis Lend Lease is responsible for the project management. After co-ordinating the appointment of the design team, Bovis Lend Lease applied its experience in advanced value engineering techniques, hence lowering the costs and improving the quality. BLL also set up the procurement strategy, co-ordinated the procurement and made recommended on the appointments.
Together with the project team of BNP Paribas, BLL also organised the staff shifts throughout the refurbishment, ensuring a proper result of the works.