Branches Fit Out Bankinter

This Project consists on the complete fit out of approximately 300 Bankinter Bank Branches all over Spain, implementing their new brand image.
The initial idea for this change was awarded to Saffron and developed by the architect Santos Benbunan.
This fit out affected not only the exterior image but also the interior of their actual branches in Spain.
BLL will carry out the management in all offices affected by:
Conceptual Design
• Technical support and advice in the development of construction solutions for the brand conceptual design.
• Identify and solve possible implementation problems of these solutions.
Data Collection
• Visit plan organization, data collection and writing of cards for each bank branch reflecting actual status and correspondence of plans with reality.
Project Design Development Management
• Designer Team selection.
• Design, projects and modifications specifications preparation, carried out following image and material maintenance criteria.
Permissions Proceedings
• Refurbishment permissions proceedings
• Minor building permissions proceedings.
Contracting Assistance for facades refurbishment
• Contract model and administrative documentation preparation.
• Search and identify adequate contractors.
• Tender organization.
• Bids comparative report and awarding recommendation.
Construction Supervision
• Contractors organization and coordination according to General Plan.
• Construction supervision of each branch.
• Final works revision and deficiencies list management.
Health and Safety
• Define and implement global minimum safety requisitions to be follow all over the work sites.
• Health and Safety Legal Coordination
• Ensure health and safety conditions with special attention to clients access during the refurbishment works.
Contracts Closing
Compilation of final work documentation and liquidation with each contractor.
Burotec, Proingest Management y TAV Arquitectos are the companies awarded for the Design, data collection, individual design execution for each branch, Project drafting and “dirección facultativa”.
Health and Safety coordination performed by SAFECOR, Safety Management and Coordination Company.