Building Génova 27


The Project consists of the refurbishment of the offices building located in the Nº 27 of Genova St which GMP has bought from the former owner BNP Paribas.
The design for the refurbishment of this building, after 30 years usage, has been awarded to Lamela Architects studio ( L A ), the author of the original project.
The total area of performance consists of 7.126 m2 low grade ( 4 floors used like garage ) and 10.330 over grade ( 7 floors used like offices ).
Bovis Lend Lease had already carried out researches of the building for the former owner, BNP Paribas, and therefore knew all the building details and all the problems which could arise from it.
The refurbishment considers the demolition of all the inner elements of the building and all the façade, up to get the structure stripped and later refurbishing it completely in such a way that is fitted out for its usage as offices for its future occupants.
One of the most outstanding aspects of the project is constituted by the façade. Its refurbishment is directed to modernize the emblematic image of the building, by respecting the originality of the former design in a sawed profile, but providing the inner spaces with a major luminosity by increasing the height of the glasses and decreasing the size of the stripes of sheet that now will have a lighter colour. The result, as can be appreciated, gives elegance and dynamism to the new building.
Bovis Lend Lease work is carried out in the form of Fast Track in which the phases of design, purchase and construction develop slyly. While the inner demolition is taking place, Lamela studio has developed successively the necessary packages for Bovis Lend Lease to do the necessary offers.
The most relevant aspect of Bovis Lend Lease role as Construction Manager in this project is the achievement of the cost and period objectives established by the client. For this purpose, it has been designed a contracting and purchase strategy focused on the division of the work budget in a number of packages which permit to get an adequate cost and at the same time an ordered and effective management.
The building hand over is due for the first fortnight in 2004.