Campus de la Justicia de Madrid


Bovis Lend Lease was assigned The Project and Construction Management for Justice Campus of Madrid (Phase I).
The Justice Campus of Madrid is a project for gathering Judicial Headquarters of Judicial Administration of Community of Madrid. The new complex is located in Parque de Valdebebas in Madrid. The Development Company is Campus de la Justicia de Madrid, S.A., assigned to Second Vice-presidency, Judicial Council and Department of the Interior.
The landscaping and buildings of Justice Campus of Madrid are designed by Frechilla & López Peláez which offer awarded The International Competition of Ideas celebrated last 2005. Afterwards, last april 2006, Esperanza Aguirre, President of Regional Government, agreed Architect Norman Foster on designing two buildings of the 14 ones of the Justice Campus.
The third building will have a circular shape. It will be distributed in parking, shopping and restaurant area. It adds up 43.454 m2. This Project is designed by Richard Rogers Partnership (RRP) and Vidal y Asociados Arquitectos (VAA).
The Phase I consists of landscaping and buildings of east plot (plot number 7 of The Parque de Valdebebas Project). It includes indivisible underground foundations.
Among those, a distributor is found. It uses for walkers and vehicles using by workers, security guards, and supplies, management and maintenance vehicles. The foundations include arcades for installations and technical resources which provide services as water, electricity, communications…
All the foundations are designed for the project paying attention to its temporary order. They will be developed according to the Schedule.
The Project includes a underground parking (4.000 spaces) in the north street or street # 7 according to Parque de Valdebebas name. Although, its building is placed inside the Justice Campus of Madrid Special Plan, its management has not been assigned yet.
The development of Justice Campus of Madrid is structured in two phases (Phase 1 and Phase 2).
The Phase 1 of the Justice Campus in Madrid consists of technical projects, landscaping and indivisible foundations and services. They will be bidden independently.
The Phase 1 includes the development of technical Project and building of :