Castelar Building Castellana 50


The Project consists of the refurbishment of the office building placed in Pº de la Castellana Nº 50 for Mutua Madrileña de Seguros.
The design for the refurbishment of this building, is in charge of the Architecture Studio RAFAEL DE LA HOZ
The total built area consists of 7076 m2 below grade (5 garage floors and 6561 m2 over grade (11 office floors).
The refurbishment involves the interior demolition of all the elements of the building and the substitution of all the façade glasses so that it is fit for its office use.
One of the most outstanding aspects of the project is the façade. Its refurbishment is aimed to substitute all the façade glasses, keeping the originality of the former design, but putting a glass that is transparent from inside and so making the building as a whole more comfortable.
Bovis Lend Lease provides its services within a modality known as Fast Track, where the phases of design, procurement and construction overlap.
After the division of the Project, “Dirección de Obra” is in charge of Rafael de la Hoz, Installations are under the responsability of Técnicas Reunidas and Bovis Lend Lease will manage the Bid process.
Bovis Lend Lease main role is to meet the time and quality objectives established by the client and therefore It has designed a procurement strategy consisting of the division of the Project Budget in a number of packages that allow both a proper cost and an efficient and transparent management.