Centro de Arte Botín

Lend Lease Involvement
All the project development is leading by Lend Lease, from first sketch until final completion.

Fundación Botín wants to achieve with the Centro de Arte Botín an excellent international arts centre, basing it on his experience and prestige, on the areas of Arts and Culture.
It will be placed at Muelle Albareda pursuing an urban action on Santander’s core, Jardines de Pereda will be extended to the bay and this waterfront will be retrieved for Santander’s citizens.
The site has 18.000 square meters currently occupied by the ferry’s parking and is an architectonic hindrance between the city and the bay, blocking the walk along the quay.

The project wants to achieve three main objectives:
· Become a daily referent for Santander people, a daily meeting place for living their city.
· Become a national and international reference on art’s world.
· Integrate the different current activities and future ones, from Fundación Botín, to provide it to the citizens under a wide concept of culture.

The centre will have 2.500 square meters for temporal and permanent arts exhibitions, an auditorium, multipurpose spaces for workshops and seminars, innovative spaces like “The Open & Relax Space” with permanent connection between the city and the bay, and, of course, presidency and administration Fundación ‘s headquarters.
· A new huge area will be retrieved for Santander’s citizens.
· The arts centre will not only have exhibitions, also will develop an educational plan and workshops, therefore will be a place not only for tourist but also for all Santander people.

Design Challenges and Innovation
Fundación Botín trust on one of the most renowned international architects, Renzo Piano, to propose a innovative design to introduce a new kind of relationship between Santander’s inhabitants, the Centro de Arte Botín and his immediate habitat.
This idea, with the help of an excellent team and a work method leaded by Lend Lease, employed on hundreds of projects that are a world referent, will do this public space and arts centre on Santander, the best Renzo Piano work of his career.

Construction Challenges and Innovation
The main challenge is to retrieve a degraded area to Santander’s citizens, trough an actuation over the huge area, not only at the immediate habitat of the centre but also on the boundaries with the rest of the city.
· The project will retrieve a degraded area property of Santander’s Port Authority.
· Part of the centre will be floated over the sea, with a minimum area on ground floor to keep the views over Santander’s bay.
· The volume of the centre and his innovative façade wants to play with the light, the sea and the multiple reflections, to offer a unique sensation.
· Jardines de Pereda one of the most characteristic garden of Santander will be increased and will be extended to the bay.
· Traffic on Paseo del Muelle will be diverted by the introduction of an underpass.

Leadership in Sustainability
This project will try to achieve the best sustainability standards; therefore it will become a referent on his area.
Moreover, this project will generate an attraction for Santander’s high quality tourism and commercial benefits to Santander’s local business are obvious. The creation of a new set of synergies between people, jobs, tourist, and local business will generate profits for all Santander people.