“Distrito C” Business Park


Telefonica is the nº1 telecommunications operator in Spain and one of the international leaders by stock market capitalization in the world ranking of telecommunications companies.
“Distrito C” is located in the newly developed suburb of “Las Tablas”, 15 km north of Madrid, near “La Moraleja” park, on a rectangular shaped plot.
This campus responds to Telefónica’s main idea of optimizing resources through consolidation of various business units, minimizing costs of connection between them.
This modern business park, with a total built surface of approx. 200.000m2, comprises 15 buildings:
12 office buildings (157,740 m2), divided into four “neighbourhoods” in each of the four corners. Each neighbourhood is composed of a 9-floor tower and two buildings of 4 floors.
The Central building (16,480 m2), consists of a plinth on which two distinct areas arise, one belonging to the presidency and the other being offices. The plinth holds Institutional Chambers, Events Centre, Demos Centre, and Auditorium.
A Second Services Building of 4.230m2 includes a Prevention Centre, gym and day care centre for employees and their families.
A large ring-shaped canopy covers and unifies all buildings. It protects from solar radiation and minimizes energy consumption, it is the world’s largest photovoltaic installation built on a roof. It consists of more than 15,300 solar panels with a solar surface of 20,000 m2 and a collecting capacity of 4 million kW hours a year, preventing the emission of 14,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.
The business park also holds 4 underground car parks for employees with capacity for 4.000 cars and 5 above-ground visitors’ car-parks (450 car spaces).

The complex urbanization is based on sustainability criteria. Connections between buildings are arranged around a central lake. Only a 10% of the landscaping is green grass while the remaining 90% consist of planting that requires little irrigation.

The building roof includes rainwater recycling units that will be used for green areas irrigation.
The buildings facades are one of the most outstanding elements of the complex. It is entirely constructed with state-of-the-art double skin, which ensures maximum brightness and transparency, reducing sunlight effect.