Fabrica Nova

The Bovis Lend Lease Construction Management of the Project “FABRICA NOVA” consisted on the renovation of the old textile factory, heritage of the city, into a Shopping Centre, Sports Centre and Residential Tower. The old textile factory was located in Bertrand i Serra, among Pont de Vilomara Road, las Cases de Xocolata, Sant Ignasi park, the public swimming pool and Via de Sant Ignasi& de Bertrand i Serra Street, in Manresa (Barcelona).
The project developer is Fàbrica Nova Parc SL, together with Sacresa and Recave.
The built surface distribution is:
SHOPPING CENTRE UE-5: 39.212,08 m²
SPORTS CENTRE UE-6: 2.942 m²
PARKING UE-5/UE-6: 40.432,25m²
TOWER UE-6: 15.547 m²
The goal of the renovation is to turn Fábrica Nova into the starter motor for the commercial sector and as an attractive option in this area. The refurbishment will be carried out inside the building, keeping untouched the external appearance. In addition to the Shopping Centre, the project includes an adjacent building and a 13 floors tower for combined residential and services use. The attached building will have a side to the fabric and a side to the mountain turning the façade into the green park extension.
The business offer will reflect the composition depicted on the Commercial Fittings Regulation Program and which intention is to empower the province offer and attract the region popullation. The attraction is completed by a underground public parking for 900 vehicles, accessing over Via de Sant Ignasi, Pont de Vilomara Road and Av. de Bertrand y Serra, in front of Remei Square. The residential Tower includes parking spaces for residents.