Fnac Department Store Zaragoza


15th December 1999, Plaza España Fnac opened its 2.000m2 of culture and leisure to the Zaragoza public. It is the fifth FNAC store in Spain and represents the widest offer in the city for cultural products.
The refurbishment of the former Banesto Bank headquarters into the first Fnac Bookstore located in Zaragoza. Turned into a store for books, music and videos etc. has a total budget of €3 millions. An interesting design feature of the store is its steel spiral staircase only supported by the ground and upper framework (see picture 1).
Fnac Plaza España is a space for culture where the keys for success are professionalism, quality and variety of products, exclusive new technologies and freedom of movements on the enjoyment of the available offer. This success is backed up by 66 other Fnac stores all over the world.
The new FNAC in Zaragoza will be known as Fnac Plaza España due to its proximity to the emblematic Plaza. At this moment it is the only surface on the Aragon community devoted exclusively to leisure and cultural products.
The arrival of Fnac to Zaragoza will translate into positive social and cultural changes in the city plus the creation of hundreds of jobs, the activation of the existing cultural and leisure stores and a better and easier access to culture, being Fnac not only a store but a cultural space.
The Forum and the Photographic gallery will bring people closer to culture thanks to its daily cultural programs and its free entrance.