Hospital La Moraleja


New Hospital project with a total built up surface of 22.320 m2. This surface is distributed: 13.500 m2 allocated for Hospital, surgical and emergencies area, out patients area, administration department and annexed services. It also has an underground parking distributed into two floors with 300 parking spaces.
The new Hospital project reflects a contemporary conception, it incorporates a wide volume atrium that integrates all the services of the hospital; out patient area, administration, surgery services, general hospital facilities.
The comfort levels and quality in all the facilities of the project are conceived to meet Health sector customers’ current expectations.
Reinforced concrete structure, reticle slabs, inverted roof, curtain wall in the main façade.
The new hospital provides assistance to the more than 100.000 Sanitas partners from the northern area in Madrid, one area which is currently growing with an approximate population of more than 220. 000 inhabitants.
Hospital Sanitas La Moraleja is provided with the medical assistance services typical of a general hospital, specially dedicated to the mother and children care and surgical specialities.
The building has wide and well light areas arranged around a central atrium where all the people circulation converge allowing horizontal, vertical and diagonal communications through escalators and elevators.
It consists of four blocks conceived for a comfortable, practical and functional use: out patient services, admission, emergencies and central services, provided with a state of the art technology and modern therapeutic and diagnoses systems. The health centre has 90 individual rooms, including 3 suites and 6 adapted rooms, design with a typical hotel comfort.
The hospital has no architectonic barriers and allows the patients move freely through different areas,setting inpatients aside the outpatients.
Environmental Respect.
The new building, with an avant-garde design, is a bio-climatic centre, built up according to sustainability criteria, low energy waste and environmental respect, and will serve as model for the development of future new hospitals. It is the first hospital in Madrid that passes the Research of Environmental Impact.
The design of the project was assigned to the renowned architects Carlos María Sobrini, Julián Arranz and Azucena González, specialist in hospital architecture.
Wireless Communications
It is a wireless Hospital, where communication between the rooms and the sanitary stall is carried out through wireless telephones and the authorized staff can access to computerized diagnoses tests, from any place in the hospital. Moreover, the patients can get, the results of any kind of diagnoses test at their home address.
The new hospital replaces the Institute for Surgery Specialities (ICE), the oldest hospital of Sanitas in Madrid, after the agreement reached by the City Council and Sanitas in 2002 for a plot located in San Chinarro area of development through a 75 year period, in Avenue Francisco Pi y Margall nº 81, where the current Sanitas La Moraleja Hospital is placed.
La Moraleja Sanitas Hospital, which has incorporated the totality of the former ICE staff, has 350 employees including sanitary personnel and administration staff.
It is estimated that the new hospital has an activity of approximately 9.000 admissions, 10.000 operations and attends more than 100.000 emergencies, 1.500 labours and 230.000 out patient consultations.