Iberdrola Headquarter


Bovis Lend Lease was assigned in February 2006 the Project Management for new Iberdrola Headquarter in Valencia in a building called “AQUA”, in order to optimize resources, analyze and correct deviations, follow up implementation of foundations, interior design, staff, current rules, building permit…
The 21 floors building, with 8 floors which total 9.500 m2 occupied by Iberdrola, is included within a complex called Aqua Multiespacio, which includes hotels, offices, and locales total 168.000 m2. 23.000 m2 are dedicated to offices. The Company´s offices are located in a tower with the logo of Iberdrola which dominates the complex.
The politician of IBERDROLA includes new offices in a modern and operative building. In this case, the new headquarter is located in a emblematic place, close to La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, one of the most tourist place in the City.
IBERDROLA moved offices in Madrid to a new building in order to increase team-work. This value is found inside the new framework of the Company.
The scope of works assigned to Bovis Lend Lease Project included the management of the staff removal.