Ikea Granada

The project consists of a new Ikea store, located in Sector PPI plot STM-03 “La Retama” of the General Urban Plan of the Municipality of Pulianas (Granada). The Ikea store has 79,280 m2 of built area and 69,000 m2 of floor space, with two under ground parking floors providing a total of 1,288 parking spaces. Above ground level there are two floors designated to the different services the store offers and culminates with the cover. Its opening is estimated in summer 2010.

The ground floor is divided into an open area, where the loading and unloading of trucks is located and a covered area, a rectangular plant which interior is defined in areas according to the store distribution of the different department units, childcare area, market, self-service, cash desks, exit, bar, offices and loading and unloading yard.
The first floor comprises different store departments, comprising three zones according to their use:
• A shopping, exhibition and restaurant area for clients
• Employee’s area including kitchen, offices, lockers rooms and dining area.
• Maintenance area
Bovis Lend Lease with a vast experience in building shopping centres not only in Spain but worldwide, begun its participation in the project for the Ikea store in January 2009, although the design phase started in April 2008. BLL will coordinate the design that remains to be developed, coordinating a multidisciplinary team and working with the architects and engineers teams responsible of the installations. Close to 200 people are expected to be involved in the construction phase of this Ikea store.