Imaginalia Shopping Centre


Bovis Lend Lease, S.A., has been awarded the Project Management of the new Leisure and Shopping Centre “Imaginalia” in Albacete.
The Developer Company is Procom Urban Developments, a group with a long history in the retail industry that has a Dutch Bank, the Bowfounds Property Finance as partner.
The new centre, which will become the biggest leisure and shopping centre in Castilla la Mancha, will be opened at the end of 2005.
Imaginalia is the materialization of an ambitious project that combines an avant-garde and at the same time functional structure which will become an architectural icon. The new leisure and shopping centre is located in a plot of over 90.000 m2 , over 2.000 parking lots (one over ground and other underground) and a wide range of services. It is expected that the Centre welcomes between 7 or 8 million visitors every year.
Imaginalia will have a retail area of over 45.000 m2 , presided by a large roofed auditorium of 2.000 m2 surrounded by huge screens. This pavilion will be surrounded by cafes and restaurants, apart from 6.000 m2 cinemas, a modern bowling of 2.500 m2, gymnasium and an sports area of 2.000 m2.
Half of Imaginalia’s area will be assigned for leisure purposes, with wide avenues and gardens and shady corridors that make possible the existence of a controlled micro climate designed through an modern bioclimatic concept..
It will have a retail floor and two parking, one over ground and another underground. It will house an Alcampo supermarket, multicinema, and over 70 shop units dedicated for clothes, complements, home, restaurants and family and children leisure.