L´Horta Manises Hospital


The recently built hospital takes a polygonal form, has 334 beds and covers a total surface area of 27,000m2 and a construction area of 48,700m2.
The hospital will employ a total of 700 professionals and will provide a service to some 140,000 neighbours in the L´Horta area, with both primary and specialist care available.
The build is being carried out under a concession initiative which will last for 15 years, extendable to 20, beginning once the hospital is opened. By using a concession system, the financing, ownership and control of the activities of the hospital are public and the Department of Health remains responsible. Furthermore, the construction company in charge of the management of the works is responsible for the build – the Sanitas-Ribera Health Consortium (a company controlled by Bancaja and the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo).
The L´Horta Hospital has design criteria which had to be met. Some of the requirements of the hospital include disabled access; an avant-garde design, environmentally sustainable, be of low energy consumption and that it is equipped with all the latest medical technology.
The Manises Hospital has 221 rooms of which 108 are individual, 10 Intensive Care Units, 10 for newborns, 32 for the day hospital and 39 for the emergency ward. Also, the hospital has an Inpatient ward which consists of the following areas: medical, surgical, short stay, paediatric and obstetric. Furthermore, the hospital has 10 technical assistance units which are the emergency ward, obstetrical area, surgical suite, outpatient activities area, the pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, central laboratory, pathology, preventive medicine and sterilization.
As well as this, there are also 10 operating rooms, 2 delivery rooms, 52 outpatient rooms, dialysis area with space for 14 people and a rehabilitation suite – all at the disposal of the hospital. The hospital also has new types of care for patients including day surgery, high resolution consultations and medical treatment at home. For image diagnosis, the centre also holds 13 radiology rooms.
The facilities available include parking with 480 spaces.