Las Lomas Aparthoteles


La Manga Club, located in the Spanish “Costa Cálida”, has marked new standards that other resorts will try to reach. La Manga Club is a development that offers a big variety of villas and apartments as well as three golf championship course, a tennis club, aquatic sports and two shopping centres.
Since 1989 Bovis Lend Lease provide their services for constant expansion of this luxury tourist resort. So far The Manga Club comprises 36 individual villas of chalet type, a “village” called “Las Lomas” with 80 terraced houses of 2 and 3 floors and 32 one floor houses overlooking the golf course. Each zone has its own pools and services.
Bovis Lend Lease is currently managing the construction of 12 four star aparthoteles. The total number of apartments will be 60 and there will be the possibility of renting the whole apartment or individual bedrooms. The total built surface will be 6.300 m2 and the date of completion is the end of the summer of 2003.
Philosophy of Design
The design of the complex is based on its variety of uses for the traditional guests as well as for the Nordic football teams that take advantage of the winter national league breaks to continue their training is milder areas.
The complex consists of two completely different areas that nevertheless due to its proximity and accessibility allows the interconnection between them.
The structure of the block of apartments as well as the central building structure is built through a two directional grid slab with a thickness that varies from 30 cm up to 45 cm.
Quality Control
Due to the high quality requirements of a luxury hotel of these characteristics, this control has been strengthen by hiring a specialist company that depending directly from Bovis Lend Lease will carry out an exhaustive monitoring of the performance of the civil works as well as the installations. This has allowed that the faults were known and solved immediately whereas the works were still under way and not when the apartments were fully operational.
As the client required some phases of the Project to become operational, all the installations had to be fully carried out, not only those corresponding to the apartments but also those of the Central Building.
The part of civil works corresponding to the apartments and the outdoor swimming pool are currently operational even though the Central Building works are still under way
Block of Apartments
They consist of 10 3 floor blocks. On each floor there are only two apartments of an approximate surface of 200 m2. Each apartment has a full bathroom, a dining room and a kitchenette.
By separating the three bedrooms throughout two leaf doors the apartment is adapted to the most different requirements.
Each independent block is full service supplied (lift, individual air conditioning by fan coil, complete toilets in each room, etc).
Central Building
This may be regarded as the “Crown treasure” because it houses the most important services and it operates independently from the apartments.
It consists of two cores with four different levels which allows a maximum functionality.
In the first core there are the following services: indoor swimming pool, Banqueting hall, Indian restaurant, Wellness Centre, Gymm and yoga centre.
In the second core there are: Hydrotherapy pools, general changing rooms, kitchens and technical services.
There are two stair cases that house two lifts and a service elevator independent for the service.
One of the Propriety requirements was that the new gardening kept the same lushness as the current one. That is why big size trees have been planted, some of which reach the 20 m. height.
Nowadays, despite the works are still under way, the propriety has been able to open the phase of the site required.
Health & Safety
According to the IIF philosophy, Bovis Lend Lease has paid full attention to Health & Safety. This Project has been taken as a model by the students of the School of Technical Architects in Murcia. As well, it has been nominated by Bovis Lend Lease for the prize to the safest site during the period of 2002-2003 acknowledging its contributions to Safety like the putting of horizontal nets during the building of the slabs in order to avoid the fall of objects and operators .