Lautier Office Building

Lautier Oficinas, S.A. is building in Alcobendas, in the north of Madrid, a office building which adds up some 12.000 m2. It consists of 9.000 m2 for offices and 3.000 m2 for parking uses.
The drafting of the Project finished last June 05. The demolition permit was gotten last december 2004. During the demolition of the old building in march and april, the Implementation´s Project was finished. After getting the bidding, the implementation started last July 05.
Bovis Lend Lease acts as a Project Manager supervising, analyzing and evaluating the process during the phases of pre-construction, bidding and construction.
Bovis Lend Lease has analyzed and evaluated the proposal ot the Design Team contracted by Lautier Oficinas, S.A. It checked the quality, functionality, necessities,current rules, constructive viability and maintenance.
Besides, a valuation of the proposal was done in order to fix the project to the investment.
It has been analyzed current rules and planning. Finally, it has been done a evaluation of experience in similar projects and teams and companies involved.