Malaga Plan “Malaga Airport”


The tourist boom and the increasing volume of traffic made necessary to carry out a series of actions aimed to provide the airport with enough capacity to face the increasing traffic expected for next years.
The rest of phases of the project will be completed progressively during the period comprised from 2.004 to 2.013, when they become operational.
Currently, in 2010, the New Control Tower, the airport activities area with its building of Services, the parking P1, the Northern Platform for aircrafts and different phases of urban development and accesses, as well as the new terminal for passengers T3.are fully operational.
The scope of works comprised in the Plan Malaga is:
· Aircraft Parking and Taxi ways.
· New Terminal Building
· Urban Development, Accesses and Systems of Transport
· Technological Systems
· Energy System
· Premises for supplying of Aircraft.
· Integration with other means of transport (intermodality)
Bovis Lend Lease has developed the role of:
· Technical Assistance for the monitoring and control of the Programme of the Planning of the works of the Plan Malaga.