Megapark Barakaldo


Arcona Ibérica, one of Spain’s leading retail developers, appointed Bovis Lend Lease to provide construction management services for Megapark Barakaldo, located at 5 km of Bilbao, a leisure & shopping center with a construction value of over 180 € million.
The retail area includes 14 “big box” retail units with over 83.000 m2 GLA. The leisure area has a GLA of some 45.000 m2 and extensive external hard landscaping.
The entire complex occupies a large area parallel to the Galindo river and extends from Sestao to Aparcabisa. At the Sestao end there are two large units of over 5.000m² and 2.600m² respectively and all the leisure facilities are concentrated at the Aparcabisa end.
This leisure complex consists of two, 2-storey buildings each 10m height that add some 20.000 m2 to the GLA and include a 7-screen cinema, a macro-gym, a disco, a children’s play area, a book and records shopping area and 4.800 m2 for restaurants.
Two terraces at the upper floors enable visitors to enjoy views of the area.
A shopping “arcade” connects both ends of the site and consists of a single storey gallery of retail units fronting onto a covered mall. The arcade includes a major central public space used for performance arts and other similar uses.
The whole arcade and all external spaces are carefully and sympathetically landscaped with extensive planting, water features and street furniture.
Underground parking for over 2000 vehicles is provided on site.
The project also included 50.000m² of landscaping for the municipality of Barakaldo and over 8,000 surface level, free parking spaces for the commuity.
Other infrastructure works include a new bridge connecting two suburbs of Barakaldo which were separated by the A8 Motorway and the Galindo River as well as the construction of a road that will become part of the future Barakaldo ring road..