NCR Headquarters


Bovis acted as Management Contractors for NCR in the complete remodelling and renovation of its Headquarter building in Madrid. The building has 14 floors and covers a surface area of 17.000 m². The works were carried out in various phases, therefore allowing the company to remain in full operation throughout the works.
N.C.R is a high technology company some of whose main activities involve manufacturing and supply of ATM machines for banks.
This project involved completely remodelling the NCR offices in Madrid, located in a 14-story office tower, with 4 underground levels, next to the M-30 Motorway in Madrid.
This remodelling included adapting the building to new building regulations, modernising the facade, common areas and office interiors.
One of the most difficult goals was to carry out all the construction works with the offices in full operation, without any impact on daily activities.
The logistical organisation was fundamental, with the objective being to delimit the access of personnel to the offices and the delivery of materials, minimising the disturbance of dust and noise, etc.
The works were divided into groups of three floors each. Bovis Lend Lease carried out the Project and Construction Management as well as co-ordinating he internal moves and relocations, both provisional and definitive, for the various departments.
At the end of the project, at least 15 complete moves from one floor to another had been carried out.
The job sequence for each package of three floors began with completely evacuating the floors, installing the occupants in the remaining 11 floors, which had been previously prepared for their arrival.
Once the floors were empty, they were isolated from the rest of the building, and the construction works commenced. These consisted in the complete remodelling of the floors, changing the finishes, installations and even the facade. Two new outside emergency staircases were installed and all air-conditioning and electric installations were replaced.
At the finish of each package, a weekend was spent to move all furniture into the remodelled area.
The process was repeated five times for the office floors and once for the underground levels.
The complete project took 18 months, in which a team of 5 Bovis Lend Lease employees was incorporated into the NCR technical team to work as Construction Managers. Our responsibilities included design Management, procurement of the different packages, bid control and recommendations to the client, cost control, planning, works supervision, logistics, and co-ordination of the moves.
Bovis applied its experience in advanced Value Engineering techniques during the construction, hence lowering costs and improving the level of quality, far surpassing the original targets.