Neinver Alegra Business Park


Bovis Lend Lease acts as Project Manager for 281 offices and corporation headquarter in plot 88, Dehesa Vieja, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.
The Project is distributed in two phases:
Phase I: 281 offices. It consists of two floors, for parking uses, which total 15.000 m2, and three buildings, five floors each one, in the form of “U”. The surface area is 25.000 m2. It includes a swimming pool, padel court and gym.
Units consist of 5 metre-high areas organized on both sides of the arcade.
The fronts of the building have a grid squares structure. However, the arcade is visible from the sides, although its view is shaded by a metal lattice.
Phase II: Corporation Headquarter. It consists of two floors, for parking uses, which total 20.000 m2 and five floors that add up 11.000 m2 area.
The building is distributed in two floors as a pedestal and the rest as a bridge.
A double-height space is created in the upper floors (annexe picture) having a spectacular effect.
The design includes “double skin” front and a panoramic elevator.
First package has started last December. It consisted of piles and subsidence. At the same time, the design phase and bidding had been finished.
The roofs will have solar panels for energy production and rainwater collection units for watering the grounds.
This Project is envolved in a Neinver Plan which includes Shopping Centre “Factory” (already built) and Micropolix Project (adjacent plot).