Olympic Games Candidature 2016


After Bovis Lend Lease collaboration for the Madrid 2012Candidacy, Madrid 2016 has awarded Bovis Lend Lease a consulting service to add value to the candidacy and to support and assist on the project and sport venues area to improve the processes performed during Madrid 2012 and the quality of the candidate sport venues.
The scope of the services contracted by Madrid 2016 for the Support Consulting services, plans management and production, are summarized as follow:
· Management and coordination of information from the Venues for mapping devising to include in the document “Answers to the Questionnaire for cities wishing to be candidates for the organization of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in 2016″
· Production of the maps A, B, B1, B2, B3 and B4 of Questionnaire and the Dossier.
· Monitoring of the Olympic Village and Olympic Ring Management Plans. Preparation of meetings minutes and follow-up actions agreed upon.· Management of the process of compiling the graphic necessary data (Preliminary, Olympic Fitting out, 3D, Corporate Image Madrid 16 and Animation) of Sports Venues to be included in the Candidature File and the Books for the International Federations:
o Obtaining necessary information Management
o Detailed planning preparation. Control and monitoring
o Technical advice
o Tenders management. Drafting/ specifications review, consultancies, technical analysis, reports, etc.
o Elaboration of meeting minutes and monitoring of agreed actions.
o Monthly monitoring reports of the process
· Development of Fitting of the 38 Olympic Sports Venues and production of the plans involved.