Olympic Games Candidature 2020

After Bovis Lend Lease collaboration for the Madrid 2012 and Madrid 2016 Candidacies, Madrid 2020 has awarded Bovis Lend Lease a consulting service to add value to the candidacy and to support and assist on the project and sport venues area to improve the processes performed during Madrid 2020 and the quality of the candidate sport venues.
The scope of the services contracted by Madrid 2020 for the Support Consulting services, plans management and production, are summarized as follow:
• Technical advice and support to the Operations and Sports Director.
• Planning, coordination, management, drafting and supervision of the following documents:
o Candidacy Questionnaire
o Candidacy Dossier
o Appendices
• Drafting of texts and charts of the following chapters:Transport, Media, Olympic Villa, Environment, Health, Security, Accommodation, Technology and Energy.
• Monitoring and Management of all the documents required for each issue, securing that all the technical requirements included in the IOC Technical Handbook are met.
• Researches, analysis and reports necessary for the different candidacy technical aspects (APPENDICES):
o Venues Masterplan
o Transport Plan
o Olympic Villa Plan
o Legacy Plan
o Technology and Energy Efficiency
o Type Report for the IOC
• Production of all the drawings for the fitting out of all the Olympic and Paralympics venues that show the distribution and the mobility flow according to the COI Requirements.
• Coordination, external relationships and dialogues with third parties:
External consultants
o PWC-coordination and monitoring of chapters including budgets.
o ACCENTURE-coordination of chapters including estimated income.
o International Experts in all different issues.
o GRAFIA-Coordination and monitoring for the production of maps, drawings, 3D and illustrations.

o GRAFICA FUTURA – Coordination for the document layout
o Printing
o NUSSLI–Calculation of budgets for temporary premises
Public and Private Organizations:
o Sports Leader Team
o International Federations
o Venues Owners
o Design Teams for the Venues
o Spanish Paralympics Committee
o Town Hall Areas
o Secondary Venues (compiling technical information)
• Coordination of Meetings and Monitoring of Actions
o Research and comparative analysis of previous reports and processes
o Comparative analysis of previous Questionnaires and Dossiers (2012 and 2016)
o Comparative analysis of the Questionnaires delivered to the candidates for Madrid 2020.
o Review of reports from previous candidatures (2012 and 2016)
• Drafting of the Project Plan for the Dossier
o Development and coordination of the Strategic Plan for the Department.
o Monthly Report Monitoring
o Tenders management. Drafting/ specifications review, consultancies, technical analysis, reports, etc.