Panoramis Shopping & Leisure Centre


The Panoramis Shopping Centre is a leisure and shopping complex built on 16,000 m² of redeveloped waterfront area in Alicante Town Port.
The 20,000 m² construction features a two storey building, terraces and outdoor plazas, with 500 underground parking spaces.
Panoramis accommodates more than 60 individual retail, restaurant and leisure units and is divided into 3 zones:
Zone 1 –approx surface area of 1,500m² distributed over 2 floors, containing a wide selection of restaurants and bars.
Zone 2 – extends over 2 floors and provides an entertaining street effect to the centre, livening up the general activity of the plazas, walkways and exterior terraces.
Zone 3 – is the main area constructed over 12,000 m² used for both commercial and leisure facilities. This area holds a 10-screen Megaplex, shops and restaurants.
Four escalators and two panoramic lifts provide access from the underground car parks to the two level retail shopping malls and roof terraces.
The exterior of the development has been designed to create a new waterfront façade with a nautical theme through the use of light cements, wood and glass. A wooden deck path, combined with columns designed to resemble ship’s masts, helps the development merge into its marine location.
Construction finished in June 2000 and the development opened on 7th August 2000.