“Parc Vallés” Retail and Leisure Park


Bovis Lend Lease is the Project Manager for a new Retail and Leisure Park in Barcelona, called “Parc Vallés”. This shopping centre is made up of numerous individual buildings, similar to an outlet mall. The park has a surface area of 82,000m² and parking with capacity for 1,750 cars and 59 motorcycles.
The park’s tenants include, among others, fine dining restaurants, fast food restaurants, a variety of shops, (toys, sports, clothing), cinema with 24 screens, supermarket, service station with repair shop, bowling alley, bingo hall, 30 bars and all types of night clubs, mini golf and a virtual reality arcade. Construction cost: € 18 million
Area 1 consisted in the refurbishment of an existing building, giving it a new exterior image more in line with the new buildings that would form part of the retail complex. The external refurbishment was carried out with new thermal-treated clay with a shiny stucco finish. Cost: €420,708
The latest edition to this ongoing project was a new 4,000-m2 health club. The health club has a ground floor and a mezzanine floor and is operated by the company Esporta. The construction cost of the gym was € 1.8 million. Works began in April 2000 and finished in August 2001. Cost: € 1.7 millones
A public park was also landscaped on public land next to Parc Vallès. This area has an additional 700 parking places for visitors to Parc Vallès. Cost: €420.708