PAU Las Tablas

Bovis Lend Lease is the Project Manager for the construction of 381 new homes in a residential area in the northern part of Madrid. This development is part of an ambitious investment that the Catalonian developer Inmobiliaria Colonial is making in this area.
The 4 buildings are in a curved rectangular form, taking up one block. The exterior of the building is made up of prefabricated concrete blocks. The windows have large cherry-wood shutters. The interior patio has a 385 m² pool and landscaped gardens.
The buildings are 7 floors high, including an attic. There are over 30 different floor plans for the houses, and bedrooms range from 1 to 5. There are also 2-storey apartments, which take up the sixth floor and the attic. The floors are of high-quality oak and the main bathrooms have marble flooring.
There are 407 garage spaces in the two basement levels. The total surface area for the apartments is 38,500 m².