“Recoletos-Prado” Urban Development


A “Plan Especial” is an urban project that defines and specifies the urban regulations under which a specific area of a town will be modified along a period of time (usually period of years). It consists of a new regulation and legal typologies, a list of cultural heritage buildings, legal uses – gardens, residential areas, offices, subsidized projects- new layouts and configuration of roads and public areas, urban infrastructures – subway, railway, buses, parking, etc.
In order to carry out this Project, the Local Department of Urbanism decided to summon an International Concept Design Contest to choose the team of architects that then, would carry out the “Especial Plan”.
Bovis Lend Lease provided Project Management services until the first (pre-selection of 8 teams of architects to carry out its proposals in a second phase) of the two phases in which the Concept Design Contest was divided.
The first phase of the Contest was due to be completed at the end of June of that year and the client wanted Bovis Lend Lease to keep on providing services. At that moment, a new agreement was signed until the end of 2001.
There was no previously established budget because when the factsheet was written there was not enough information for their economic valuation and such valuation was not possible until the winning proposal was announced.