Refurbishment of “El Pardo” Royal Palace


“The Pardo” Royal Palace is part of the Spanish heritage and dates back to the 15th century. It is used today as a public museum and the official residence for foreign Chiefs of Staff on official visits to Spain.

The palace has three patios, one of which was covered in an important refurbishment carried out in 1982. With the passing of time and new functional needs arising, there is now a clear need to refurbish certain areas of the palace.Some of these new functional requirements stem from the election of this palace for the celebration of part of the official acts to be carried out in 2002 as part of Spain’s Presidency in the European Community.
This project consists mainly in covering the other two patios. As mentioned earlier, one patio is already covered with a steel and glass roof several years before. The civil works involved will also include structural reinforcements, improvements in the roofs and supporting elements, finishes and new electrical installations (mainly heating, air conditioning and lighting) which will allow the patios to be used as interior areas once they have been covered.
The roofs will be covered with a high quality, state-of-the-art structural system. The main materials to be used will be stainless steel, glass and titanium, thus providing a singular, modern design solution that also respects and integrates itself within this historical building. It can even be dismounted if desired.
Bovis Lend Lease acted as Project Manager for the Patrimonio Nacional during all phases of this exciting project, co-ordinating the numerous and prestigious participants.
The project is challenging both from an architectural point-of-view, as well as from a logistics one. The time frame is also very limited, meaning that Bovis Lend Lease has an important role as Project Managers ensuring the correct completion of the project. Recognised international experts will be brought in for the more singular elements such as lighting and roofing. These experts have elaborated similar, prestigious projects in different parts of the world, including the Pyramid at the Louvre Museum and the Villete Park, both in Paris, or the Kansai Airport in Japan, to name a few.