REPSOLYPF New Headquartes


Repsol will be grouping together in a horizontally shaped building complex their workforce made of 4000 employees. The scheme is comprised of a Facility placed in the urban core of Madrid, therefore being the only one of its kind in Europe.Following the Architectural Contest for new concepts, Bovis Lend Lease had to revise the Preliminary Project to readjust the property quality in order to meet criteria of the market objectives.
The singular design of the structure is made of 111 arcades. These porticos consist of 10 stretches of steel structure whose weight ranges between 6 y 8 TN and characterizes the building by its slenderness.
The sustainable market is one of the main leading objectives in this Project. The Project has the potential of meeting LEED Gold criteria for sustainable building design.
BLL support and experience in urban legislation were key for the Administration due to the complexity that the project involved in terms of urban legislation solved by means of Plans and changes in use.
The construction period will take 26 months. BLL has been appointed to provide its service until the end of the Fit Out phase.