Residence for young players and headquarters of Real Madrid


As part of the original Master Plan, the Real Madrid Football Club, continues with the development of RM and RM Headquarters Campus.
The Real Madrid Football Club, requests Bovis Lend Lease continuity in their partnership relation, to develop Management Design services for RM headquarters, and RM Campus.
The campus of 12 ha, and 50,381 m2 built, will contain:
• University of 20.000m2 for 1,300 children. (In draft phase)
• College of 15.000m2 for 1,700 children. (In draft phase)
• Residence 12.300m2, with 250 beds divided into 2 modules, one for school and another for college.
The Young Players Residence is currently being built, a rectangular building of 5527 m2, which has 52 beds for 96 children. It has three floors and a basement. The Real Madrid young promises may live, learn and grow there as individuals and athletes until their incorporation to the first team.
The RM Headquarters is currently in the preliminary stage and is being analyzed for possible environmental type LEED certification. The office building will have a built area of about of 8.000m2 and 1.500m2 outer surfaces. It will host the RMTV set, what has been called the communications center. It will give service to 350 employees. The design of the office building expects an increase over the current RM staffing of the 25% but with the possibility of future enlargements according to the Club’s needs.