San Cugat Hospital


This project involved managing the construction of a new Hospital and Rehabilitation Clinic for the Spanish medical insurance company, Asepeyo.
This installation has a built surface area of approximately 25,000 m², split between two main wings.
The first wing contains hospital wards, clinics and rehabilitation services, including hydrotherapeutic pool, gymnasium, as well as technical and maintenance areas.
This wing also consists of an external consulting area, emergency wards with their own operating wards, five operating wards equipped with a high level of asepsis and specialised in traumatology, five intensive care units, CAT scanner, radiotherapy, laboratory services for clinical analysis. Other installations include a kitchen, cafeteria, dining areas for the public and for staff, laundry and sterilisation areas.
All hospital rooms are individual with a bed for visitors (including two suites) private bathroom with shower and equipped for the physically disabled, including automatic bedpan washer, air conditioning, telephone and TV. Other features include headboards with IT connections and plugs for receiving medicine through inhalation, compressed air, oxygen and electricity for other services.
The second wing holds Health and Safety Services (physical and chemical agents), training areas and common areas.
The project also included the construction of a 155-space car park, of which 53 are covered.