Shopping & Leisure Centre Plaza Imperial


Bovis Lend Lease, S.A., was awarded the Project and Construction Management of Shopping and Leisure Centre Project Plaza Imperial in Zaragoza.
The Development Company is DUPROCOM. It is worth a mention DUPROCOM is a business partner of the dutch Bank Bowfounds Property Finance.
The biggest Leisure and Shopping Centre in Zaragoza will be opened spring 2008.
Plaza Imperial is an ambitious Project which combines a ultra-modern and functional structures in order to become to the most important logistics platform in Zaragoza. The built surface is over 250.000 m2 and it will have some 5.000 parking spaces.
A Comercial Park and a Shopping and Leisure Centre will be built in Plaza Imperial. They total over 135.000 m2 and include : Hypermarket, car dealer and services , sports stores, toys stores, household goods store… In the other hand, the Project consists also of a big leisure area which includes restaurants, Theatre, Bowling and Food Court .
Shopping Centre shelters médium and small surfaces distributed in two floors.
Plaza Imperial will be the best and most important logistics platform in Zaragoza in spring 2008.