Sport Complex for European University of Madrid (UEM)

It was opened in October 2002.
Bovis Lend Lease through a GMP (Maximum Price Guaranteed) assignment managed to complete the project on due time, being opened right at the start the new academic year 2002-2003. In this way, the university main objectives were guaranteed: the construction cost and the completion date.

It is one of the most modern Sports Complexes of the Spanish University Campuses, with an infrastructure designed for teaching and practicing of Sports at the highest standard. It consists of:

- Sports Stadium.
- Indoor Swimming Pool.
- Fitness Area
- Martial Arts area
- Gymnasium
- Aerobic area
- 2 squash courts.
- Lecture rooms for INEF students
- Labs, cafeteria,
The new Sports Complex has a built up surface superior to 8.000 m2 and a developed area of 15.000m2. The complex is divided into 4 buildings connected between them: Classrooms, labs, fitness area, Sports Stadium, Gymnasium, aerobic areas, squash courts, arts martial area and indoor swimming pool. The project also includes a terrace with direct access to the Cafeteria and indoor swimming pool and a perimeter access that connects the residential university buildings.

The Phase II of the Project considers the project of building of a football course made of artificial grass, stands for 1000 people and athletics tracks approved by Superior Sports Board.