Terra Mitica Theme Park


The Valencian Government brought together banks and businesses to finance this development, in which themed areas celebrate the history of Egypt, Greece, Italy, Iberia and the Mediterranean islands. Terra Mitica is Europe’s second largest theme park of its kind, after Disneyland Paris. It has capacity for 30,000 visitors a day, and it is expected that three million will visit it each year.
More than 200 companies with over 2,000 workers took part in the building of the park as well as 500 off-site. Specialist companies from the States, Australia and Europe designed high-tech robots, virtual reality effects and other attractions.
Bovis Lend Lease managed the construction process including earth moving, infrastructure, car parking areas and buildings. The 28 strong Bovis Lend Lease team included members with experience of Disneyland Paris and Legoland at Windsor.
Great care was taken to preserve as much as possible of the natural habitat of the area, leaving a nature reserve and archaeological sites undisturbed.
The 29 attractions include country themed areas, enclosed rides, roller coasters, water rides, restaurants, support and administration facilities. Total built surface area is 753,500 ft² (70,000 m²) including parking for over 5,000 cars. The € 12 million (£8m) landscaping contract included extensive planting and a 2.47 million cubic feet (70,000 cubic metre) lake.
Pre-construction responsibilities
· Definition and development of cost plan
· Value engineering
· Planning
· Development of contracting strategy; 75 packages were defined
· Elaboration of contracting specifications and management of the tender process
Construction responsibilities
· Supervision and co-ordination of contractors’ activities
· Site logistics
· Cost control
· Planning Supervision
· Health and safety control