“Torre de Cristal” Building


Bovis Lend Lease Spain has been appointed by the insurance company Mutua Madrileña as Construction Manager for the completion works of Torre de Cristal: one of the four newest landmark building in Madrid. This building is one of the high rise buildings included in the Cuatro Torres Business Area Former “Real Madrid Sports City”, urban project that was also carried out by Bovis Lend Lease.
Mutua Madrileña is the promoter of this landmark building for office renting.
Supported by a team of 25 professionals BLL carried out the coordination and control of 60 work packages, related to the completion of installations and civil works of shared areas, solution of problems and commissioning of the general services of the building, first occupancy permit, coordination of snagging list, general economic control and liquidation of contractors. BLL also supervises and coordinates 22 external teams and specialists on: health & safety, structure calculation, MEP, quality control, landscaping, permits, etc…. Besides, BLL managed the fit out works of a restaurant and café covering 850 M2 surface.
Bovis Lend Lease has analyzed and audited the cost management of the Project, and has elaborated the pre-qualification reports of all the contractors of the packages.
Torre de Cristal has been designed by the international architecture studio “Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects” and is currently one of the 10 highest buildings in Spain. Designed to resemble a faceted glass monolith, its glass façade has “bioclimatic wall” that allows the use of colourless glass and low emissive covering. It also must be emphasized the Winter garden covering a 600 M2 wall that includes more than 23 vegetable species that contribute to the CO2 fixing and regulate the temperature and environmental humidity..
Los participantes en el Proyecto son:
· Promoter: Mutua Madrileña
· Author of Design: Cesar Pelli & Associates
· Architecture Studio D.F: Ortiz León Arquitectos S.L.
The tower will reach 250 metres height. It consists of lobby floor, 45 office floors, a floor for lower installations and a floor for upper installations. The ground floor has a chamfered rectangular shape and measures 51 * 33 metres. The last floor in the building includes the highest winter garden in Europe that reaches the top of the building.
The big atrium at the entrance is 10 metres height and it is enclosed using crystal glass giving a welcoming appearance during the day and shining and warm appearance during the night.
The building includes three groups of quality elevators and the waiting time is less than 30 seconds.
A feature worthy of mention is the comfort of workers. They will have direct visual contact with the exterior and natural light which guarantees a comfortable atmosphere.