TresAguas Retail & Leisure Park


Bovis Lend Lease provided construction management services for a new shopping and leisure park in Alcorcón, a suburb in the southwest region of Madrid. The Client is our parent company, the Australian developer Lend Lease who joined with a local partner, Juan Alonso, for the development of this project.
TresAguas was awarded the 3rd of april of 2003 by ICSC, in Budapest, as the best Retail Centre of Europe.
TresAguas offers an integrated mix of retail, leisure and culture in a comfortable, relaxed environment. The goal is to provide the largest selection of quality fashion outlets outside the city centre, combined with the most exciting, well-rounded leisure facilities in Madrid. To complete the experience, TresAguas also includes a wide selection of food choices, houseware and lifestyle living.
This is the first retail centre developed by Lend Lease in Spain. It has a built surface area of 217,000m² spread over 3 floors and offers over 65,000m² in rentable shop space.
An essential characteristic of this ambitious joint venture is the futuristic architectural design, with landscaped areas covering over 20,000 m². The landscaping team travelled to Valle de Pistoia, Italy to bring back over 500 trees, each of which being over 5 metres tall. These magnificent trees border the park, along with 23,000 plants. Along the main boulevard, there are 11-metre tall palm trees. Some of the greenery is over 20 years old and when TresAguas opened its doors to the public in September 2002, they had grown to full height, providing the visitor with a natural atmosphere in which to spend their leisure time. The interior of TresAguas is decorated to the absolute detail, predominating shades of green and various elegant white flowered plants. The palm trees are accompanied by rubber tree plants and kentias.
The Centre has 15 mid-sized areas of floor space, 150 shops and restaurants, 3,600-seat cinema and a car park for 3,200 vehicles.
The project was built as an amazingly fast pace. 217,000 m2 of built surface area structure was concluded in 8 months, giving an average of 1,000 m2 of built suspended slabs a day. This record number was achieved regardless of the fact that the spring of 2001 brought with it an unexpected amount of rain.
The finished retail park has 7 lifts, 10 cargo lifts, 14 escalators and 2 travelators.
TresAguas has been strategically separated into three distinct areas:
· The food court, to the south
· The Plaza, in the centre
· The Grove, to the north
Each area has used unique architectural design to enhance its ambience. The food court is decorated as a jovial village with natural lighting during the day, and special night lighting at sunset, transforming it into a spectacular festive atmosphere for lively, imaginative dining.
The Plaza is designed to resemble a theatre with decorative ivy-covered walls. The vegetation surrounding the Plaza is illuminated at night, providing the perfect view from the nearby restaurants.
The trees and landscaping chosen for each area were strategically selected to create a certain atmosphere. The food court has trees with large leaves that provide shade and change colours with the seasons, as well as an abundance of sculptured trees. The Plaza is lined with Cypress trees and ivy-covered walls. The Grove contains coniferous plants and grass-covered slopes.