University Complex “Ulyss”


Bovis Lend Lease was assigned the Project Management for a complex of five apartment buildings for students, including approximately 1.100 apartments, in San Vicente, Alicante. The developer of the project is Riviera Invest Group.
The Residential University Project consists of 5 buildings, four assigned to Bovis Lend Lease. Most common services are located in the fifth building, which is the largest one and is provided with a semi-olimpic swimming pool, laundry, different leisure areas, restaurants, parkings, basements, mini-market and cinema in San Vicente de Raspeig, at 150 km from the Alicante University Campus, adding up to a total of 42.203 m2 built up surface, in a 18.307 m2 sf plot.
The buildings, designed by the architects D. Jesús Quesada Polo and D. Julio Turmo de Padura, have been conceived as sustainable buildings, designed to fit into the environment of the university area of San Vicente del Raspeig and the Albufereta in Alicante.