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Social responsability
Bovis is firmly committed to operate in a Sustainable way wherever we are present, through a set of open and transparent business practices, based on ethical values and respect for employees, communities and the environment.

Our commitment

"To provide the best real estate results for our clients in a sustainable way, satisfying the demands of present generations without compromising the aspirations of future generations."

We evaluate the environmental, social, and financial impacts of the decisions we make and the actions we carry out, and we strive so that they have a positive impact on the society in which we work.

Health and Safety
Health and Safety
Bovis has Respect as one of its corporate values. Respect for others, for their ideas, their culture, their opinions and their knowledge. Respect for the environment and everybody’s Health & Safety.

As a sign of our commitment to this company value, we defend an environment in our works that we have called IIF (Incident and Injury Free) or LIDER (Libre de Incidentes y Daños en un Entorno de Responsabilidad) or if we use Spanish terminology.
To achieve this objective of a IFF environment, at Bovis we advocate that security must be integrated into all our Project Management activities, as one more objective of the same as the highest priority, providing with our management the maximum possible value in this area.
Bovis has developed, through our many years of experience in Project Management, the Bovis Minimum Security Standards (EMS), which is a reference guide that defines the criteria to be followed in the different aspects related to health and safety in projects where Bovis participates, in order to achieve a safe or IIF environment.
There are ten Minimum Security Standards
  • EMS 1 Pre-construction
  • EMS 2 Logistics
  • EMS 3 Wellness Facilities, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Health Protection
  • EMS 4 Civil Works
  • EMS 5 Machinery and Auxiliary motorized tools
  • EMS 6 Firefighting and Emergency
  • EMS 7 Fall Prevention
  • EMS 8 Motorized lifting equipment and work at height auxiliary tools 
  • EMS 9 Electrical Safety
  • EMS 10 Environment
We are guided by a set of sustainability aspirations. From constructing buildings with zero carbon impact, to managing projects implementing the necessary measures throughout the value chain according to the most demanding standards, and being able to achieve the most accredited international environmental certifications such as LEED, BREEAM and WELL.

We continuously measure the our offices and projects environmental impact, through water consumption measurements, electricity and waste management to understand how we can improve our results, and implement the necessary energy saving measures. Our headquarters in Madrid were among the first in Spain to achieve LEED for Commercial Interiors certification.

Since 2002, Bovis advocates the implementation of the In-Touch document control tool in all our projects, limiting the paper and messaging services consumption in our projects very significantly and reducing CO2 emissions. Since 2007, Bovis has been a full member of the Spanish Green Construction Council.
Bovis managed Repsol Campus project in Madrid, the first LEED platinum-accredited office campus in Europe.
Bovis also managed the Nestlé headquarters project in Barcelona. First building in Spain to obtain the LEED platinum certification in the Existing Building Operation and Maintenance (EBOM) modality

We have environmental management systems implementation, certified according to the ISO 14001 reference standards

Since 2014, Bovis has been member of the USGBC (US Green Building Council).

Our Project Management procedures, as well as Bovis different departments, are certified with the UNE-EN ISO 9.001: 2015 quality standard, and are audited annually according to the aforementioned standard criteria.

Our commitments in Quality Matters are:
  • Exceed the expectations of our clients and other interested parties in meeting their objectives of sustainability, cost, quality, deadline, and profitability in their real estate projects management.
  • Promote innovation and development culture, continually improving our services.
  • Promote company employees involvement through information flow, internal communication, achievements recognition and ongoing training.
  • Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Our priorities are:
  • Provide the necessary resources, hiring professionals with experience, attitude, determination and commitment to work as a team with our clients, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants.
  • Based on our experience and knowledge, detect our client real needs and adapt our solutions to their needs.

In 1996 we established Community Day, which aims to offer one work day per year of the Company's employees, for social work development devoted to the community in which we live and work. With this, we intend to give something back to the society from which we obtain our business benefits.

Community Day involves all our staff, from Management to the last employee, who voluntarily offer a work day, leaving their day-to-day comfort zone to carry out tasks, in some cases very hard, physical and emotionally, with the neediest in our society.

With this program, we have contributed hundreds of volunteer hours since 1996.
Additionally, this initiative improves employee morale, fosters teamwork, and develops leadership skills, all of which strengthen our business and support our community.

Other initiatives developed are:
  • Site visits for schools and employees relatives to promote good practices in Health and Safety areas.
  • Every year Bovis manage the collection of children's material and toys for different children's associations, giving employees the opportunity to collaborate by either contributing material or helping with their distribution.
  • We help employees collaborate with community organizations on projects that are geographically, personally, and professionally relevant.

Bovis promotes equal employment opportunities:
  • Through the hiring of handicapped personnel, and with more favorable internal policies for this group.
  • Bovis encourages women's work, and equal oportunities
  • Bovis facilitates working life conciliation allowing flexibility in working hours and reduced hours for all employees who request it
  • We are very proud that our employees reflect races diversity, cultures and sexual conditions in our society.